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My name is Max, and I am a highly experienced Math tutor with an extensive experience of over ten years in tutoring. I have tutored students from Middle School all the way up to University. I have helped hundreds of students improve their Math scores by helping them enhance their mathematical abilities. Not every student is the same and hence, I don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. I assess the student during our very first meet and adapt to the needs and requirements of the student based on my analysis of the student’s understanding and learning style. With a degree in Electrical Engineering and a professional experience as a Senior Training Specialist for major multi-national computing giants, you will find my tutoring style more than satisfactory. It is either that or you don't pay for the session at all.

Tutoring Philosophy

I believe in strengthening the fundamentals before building the pillars, so you will find me focusing more on getting the basics right. For students who want to develop mental Math capabilities, I also provide Speedy-Math tutoring that shows students how to perform complex calculations mentally in less than a minute.

I would appreciate if you could give me an advance notice to schedule your session with me. However, there are times, where I could accommodate you on a short notice. Check with me and I will try to do that if it is possible for me to do so, but I just can’t promise that for sure. I would also appreciate if you could email me in advance the problem sets or works sheets or any other material that you would like to go over with me during the sessions.

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I understand school can be a drag sometimes. You work hard but end up getting frustrated with classes, especially when your teachers are unable to explain the concepts with the required degree of clarity to you. Like most subjects, Math has a love-hate relationship. You will love it if you get it and you will hate it you don’t. Well, I am here to tilt the balance of the Love-Hate scale more towards the Love side. That is my intention when I work with you, and I will do everything that I possibly can to make that happen.

Subjects I Tutor





Analytical Geometry

College Algebra

College Trigonometry


Calculus – I

Calculus – II

Business Calculus Finite Math


AC Circuits

DC Circuits

Electrical Theory

Electric Circuits

What Students Say

I get a lot of students who love this individualized approach and they tell me that they were totally lost in the big-name expensive courses. Due to my experience, I can instinctively figure out a lot about my students’ weaknesses and rebuild their fundamentals.I can teach you a lot of mental math techniques which are not in any book.

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