+1 (281) 236-5472 info@maxtutoronline.com
How does your money-back guarantee work?

It’s simple. If you are not satisfied within the first 15 to 30 minutes, you simply let me know and you don’t have to pay at all. No questions asked. I would, however, appreciate any feedback so I can work on it to improve myself.

Can you come to my house to tutor?

I only tutor at the Walter Library on Fondren@Clarewood. The address to the Library is: 7660 Clarewood Drive, Houston, TX 77036. For library hours, check out http://houstonlibrary.org/location/walter-neighborhood-library.

What is your schedule like?

I tutor during the library hours at Walter library. You can check out their hours by visiting their website at http://houstonlibrary.org/location/walter-neighborhood-library.

Do you offer group tutoring sessions?

In my experience, I have found group sessions to be ineffective because different students have different learning styles and a different level of understanding of the concepts. I always provide one-to-one tutoring.

How much do you charge per session?

I charge $25 per session. My price is fixed regardless of the number sessions you take with me.

What is your mode of payment?

As of now, I accept payments in Cash or Venmo. Ask me for my Venmo Id during the session.